12 Jun 2018

Simon Lichtenberg | TRAYTON GROUP | ZoomInfo.com

Simon Lichtenberg | TRAYTON GROUP | ZoomInfo.com

Simon Lichtenberg in the World of Business

Making a name for oneself is evermore commonplace today. The wisdom he has attained by making mistakes in his business operations has paved the way for simon lichtenberg (Zoominfo) to become one of the best businessmen today. Simon Lichtenberg’s business became international as he began to work with clients (such as IKEA) from other countries, profiting by up to $2.5m each year.

The Magnolia Silver Award is on the list of great honours Simon Lichtenberg has attained during his life; this was in acknowledgement of his significant contributions to increasing living standards in Shanghai. Simon Lichtenberg has had the experience of residing in eight different countries and can communicate in seven languages. The talent of speaking many languages puts a businessman at a serious advantage. Entrepreneurs that make use of their unique expertise and work tirelessly deserve to reap the benefits of their endeavours.

In 1988 at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg obtained his diploma in Chinese language. Nearly all efficient businessmen are high flyers educationally; this indicates that a great educational background, together with determination, is essential for achieving one's goals. He attended Danish Tvind educational institutions before moving to Africa as a teenager. Viewed as a leader in the world of business, Simon Lichtenberg has led by example through his academic pursuits in which he has accomplished great things.

Some of the Noteworthy Years from Simon Lichtenberg’s Life

His foray into the timber industry was Simon Lichtenberg's first venture in 1992 once he had finished his schooling. Knowing a number of languages gives him a huge edge over the competition. Having contributed great things to the building of Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. Many notable times for businessmen considering their past are ones where they have achieved great things.

Business-minded people often build their own company into which they can put all of their effort, dedication and passion; this is one of their most significant achievements. Headquartered in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg's company also has other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan. Every notable establishment must not merely operate to earn money but must also possess a good purpose for being. The year 1995 was the period that Simon Lichtenberg created his business: Trayton Group.

Both success and failure can be the result of difficulties that a business confronts. Which of those end-results transpires depends on how the difficulties are handled. Simon Lichtenberg's road to success has been a struggle at times but, by adhering to his business rule "Never give up", he's managed to arrive at his intended destination. After losing a legal battle concerning payment after the Zhenjing Leather Factory sold him inoperative products, he was granted yet another chance to overcome adversity. Through tackling his business problems, Simon Lichtenberg has grown and developed into a strong and successful individual.