11 Jun 2018

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Having a good purpose for its existence is an important quality for a company, not just seeking to turn a profit. Setting up the Trayton Foundation (which helped in lighting the streets of Shanghai, along with the installation of rooftop solar power panels in the year 2012) are some of the things that Trayton Group (founded by simon lichtenberg (lire ici) ) has accomplished. The year 1995 was the period that simon lichtenberg created his business: Trayton Group.

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg was operating his own company, which eventually became a furniture business. In 1988, in China (at Fudan University), he received his Chinese Language diploma. Having contributed great things to developing Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006.

Simon Lichtenberg in the World of Business

Making a move into the furniture market naturally followed on from Simon Lichtenberg's initial involvement in the timber business. He acquired clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, enabling him to profit by up to $2.5m each year. After being a part of the timber industry for some time, businessman Simon Lichtenberg launched his own company in 1993.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Viewed as a leader in the world of business, Simon Lichtenberg has led by example through his academic pursuits with which he has achieved great things. Pretty much all successful business people are high achievers academically; this implies that a great educational background, together with determination, is required for achieving one's dreams. To be prosperous, it is necessary to be strong and prepared to manage and overcome challenges; a great education helps towards establishing these attributes. At Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg obtained his diploma in Chinese Language in the year 1988.