10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

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10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

Eight separate countries that he's lived in have blessed simon lichtenberg (Over-blog) with their distinct cultures and have been a factor in him mastering seven different languages. He received the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai because of the role that his organisation played in improving the city's standard of living. Tsinghua, Harvard Business School & CEIBS: these are three popular institutions which he attended. As a businessman who has reached his objective of building his own company in the progressive nation of China, Simon Lichtenberg can be considered a man of strong will and dedication.

Simon Lichtenberg - Succeeding in China

Being very passionate to build his own company in China, Simon Lichtenberg eventually did precisely that. A large number entrepreneurs enjoy establishing their company in the Chinese nation since it appears to assure success in any undertaking. The Magnolia Silver Award was given to Simon Lichtenberg, who joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. He was also assigned as the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Education is the basis for success; it leaves you tougher and considerably more competent at taking care of any difficulties that arise. Simon Lichtenberg attended Danish Tvind academic institutions before moving to Africa in his teenage years. When studying top entrepreneurs, it becomes clear that a respectable education and strength of character are requirements for their success.

About Simon Lichtenberg

All businesses experience challenges, and these must be conquered in order to succeed. Simon Lichtenberg continues to be diligent despite his business mistakes; he has survived the obstacles and has become one of the best businessmen today. Simon made his foray into the furniture market after some time in the timber industry. In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, a business owner originally from Denmark, set up his own company, after being involved in the timber industry for some time.

The Shanghai Municipal Government honoured Simon Lichtenberg for his contributions to developing Shanghai with the Magnolia Silver Award, in 2006. Lichtenberg launched a company in 1993 which ultimately progressed into the field of furniture. When looking back, a lot of business people find their greatest accomplishments are their fondest memories. Simon Lichtenberg acquired his diploma in Chinese language at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

Simon Lichtenberg and the Trayton Group

Almost certainly one of the biggest feats of business-minded individuals is when they establish a company into which they can pour their focus, enthusiasm and commitment. Headquartered in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg's organisation also has other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan. With a total employee count of 2,000 professionals, Simon Lichtenberg's organisation expects a revenue of 150m dollars per annum.